First blog post

FFSomeone saved me, I Believe that God sent me an Angel. I needed this Angel because I was so broken and God had plans for me, without the Angel in my life I wouldn’t have survived.

When I was first broken down (through my own actions that God brought to the light) my Angel sent me a list of 25 Bible verses to get me through the troubled season and so that I could learn to trust God and give up my anxiety to Jesus. My Angel showed me the pathway back to God and provided an example of what living as a Christian could be.

This blog will start with those verses and then see where we go from there.

The Theme Great to Good to me signifies that I was a “Great Guy” but I am transforming to a “Good man.” What does that mean? I’m not sure exactly other than I’ve been described as a great guy, someone who will help you build your deck, tile your house, finish up that work project, or just bring over frozen lasagna when your dog eats your dinner.

But that great guy feeds off of all the praise and thanks from his friends, he has to have the attention and he will even loose his self respect or even himself as he has to glorify himself in order to feel like a man. The Good Man that I want to be understands that God knows he is good enough, that God loves him, and that he can trust God to fill the hollow, empty part of his heart.

I am so not done healing, but I wanted to invite you all to take this journey with me in hopes that I could help some of you with similar issues, or even that some that have been here before me could also offer advice and support.




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