Head in the Clouds!


So…. Honestly I haven’t been feeling very funny lately (ok some of you might argue that I haven’t been feeling funny ever…)  I’ve even been feeling like maybe I shouldn’t use humor in some of these posts….

But, what if humor is part of how I express myself (I know you’re wondering why I’m asking you but y’all are my friends so… I know sad right?)

Anywho… I put the cloud picture up there because ever since I was a kid and I would see beams of sunlight coming through the clouds I thought it was God looking specifically at someone and providing His blessing. This cloud picture shows blessing going out all over the place, and I think It’s pretty accurate. I’m sad, I was broke down but, dang it, I am blessed! I have so much and really, I have it pretty good.

I have work to do, God has work to do on me, but I’m on track and maybe it’s time to remember the good that God has done through me and that God gave me a sense of humor for a reason. (Wow pressure’s on now because you are all gonna expect some gut splitters now with that set up)

So I also put that cloud picture up there to remind myself to keep my head in the clouds, a little anyway, God gave me whimsy (I don’t get to use the word whimsy much, I never knew it had an H in it…) so I should use it.

Now… about great to good… What the heck was I thinking? Great? I was an a hole, I’m so glad that the guy I was died and that a new man was reborn. Of course God uses a holes also, so there was some good done through me it’s like the old joke where a Priest, a Minister, and a Rabbi were all driving together to a religious conference (it’s all about unity folks) when a bright red convertible sports car comes skidding around the corner and hits the car full of men of God, the last thing the three men see as they plunge off a cliff into the ocean (did I mention this was on an ocean cliff road?) is the surprised eyes of the brassy blonde who had been over driving her red sports car….

All four come before St. Peter (I know the Rabbi wouldn’t see St. Peter but bear with my Catholic upbringing please) and he tells the Priest, Rabbi, and Minister that they had all done so much good and had served God faithfully, but they would have to wait and enter Heaven after the Blond lady. Of course all three religious leaders were upset (they should have been more humble I know but crashing into the ocean had them stressed) and the Priest (who was more familiar with the Saints) asked, “What the heck St. Pete, we are all religious leaders and little blondie here is barely dressed and caused us all to die? For Pete’s sake (right?) why does she get to go through first?”

St. Peter took on a patient tone and explained, “It’s true you three have done great works like I said, but the little blondie with her sports car and crazy driving has scared the devil out of more people than all three of you combined!”

I want to thank you for continuing to read after that horrible joke, I guess I’m still not that good if I’m willing to punish my readers with onslaughts like that but…. I know you are hanging with me for the funny pay off or the cute tie in at the end and honestly sometimes I just don’t feel it. I am still sad, I have a lot, and God has shown me some perspective so I know that I am blessed, but I still struggle with the guilt for hurting folks who trusted me (I also still struggle with sentence structure obviously.) I still feel sad sometimes and I can’t force the funny, but I promise I won’t hold it back anymore either. I will get out of God’s way and let him work and if I feel the spirit’s mirthfulness I’ll let it come through. And hopefully when my head is in the clouds I have a closer look at God’s blessings….

With this blog I really wanted to share my journey for others who may be new to Christ or may not yet know Christ and may be ready to hear about him. I can’t really share without a little humor and I guess I need to remember Proverbs 16:3…

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

and I will commit all of me, whimsy and all….


7 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds!

  1. I think that funny can make people feel at ease with some pretty serious stuff.. It takes real discernment and the Holy Spirit to help us people of wHimsy to figure out when is best to use it.
    (Do you see what I did there?) (Ugh)
    I thank God with all my heart for the work He is doing in you.

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  2. The ability to make people laugh is a wonderful gift, especially if your humor has been sanctified. 🙂 May I offer a friendly suggestion for the sadness and guilt? Okay, so I can’t hear your answer, but you can take this or leave it as you please. Godly sorrow for our sins is a good thing to have, but there is also great joy and a mighty feeling of redemption in making amends (not to be confused with penance) as best as you can and remembering every day that “there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”. Romans 8:1 ….. I think you are blessed in that you are more aware of your issues than so many others. Your openness and vulnerability are endearing. God bless you. I truly hope God fills you with His peace and joy, and grants to you your hearts desire. Oh yes, thanks for the follow 🙂 Debbie


      • I’m glad my (misdirected?) good intentions haven’t offended you. What you wrote tugged at my heartstrings. The bottom line is it’s all between you and God anyways. May He bless you abundantly. 🙂

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      • I just remembered about the Apostle Paul. He had done terrible things to the early Christians, but when he got saved he (as far as we know) did not make amends. He also said he “forgot what was behind him and pressed onward toward the goal” the prize of Jesus. That is the best thing that any of us can do. Blessings. 🙂

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