Fires of truth


Sky fire rages
Melting cages
In our minds
Set free
From the heavy bars of lies
Freedom Inspired
By wild morning skies
Ok I guess it’s obvious I like taking pictures of clouds and sunrises and then Bam! I get a gorgeous cloud fire sunrise so I just have to take a picture and then that picture makes some words come to mind and next I hammer my reader(s) with my questionable poetry.
When I am offered beauty I see truth, truth that burns away lies. For me that is important because there has been part of me who had lies as his only coin. Others have been burned because of those lies (or rather the things that I lied about), and when I had finally decided that I could never break another heart I prayed for God to take away my lies. Then wham! they were out there… They were out there and it was painful, but the truth did set me free from my old ways and I look at the hard truth of what I did to stay convicted a new way…
John 8:32 is so true and so right….
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free…

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