The beauty of pain…


Ripling Red Gold above

Grips tight my heart

A hold of love

Beauty sinks to that part

of me Broken

Now a new sound awoken

From the break comes a cry

Ringing out through the sky

To Praise Healing Power



OK so I know I have tons of cloud picture/poems, they just inspire me…

And really when I see a beautiful sunrise I’m reminded of how, much like he rising of the sun burns away the darkness of the night, God’s healing power has burned away the darkness in my soul. (not all of it, I’m still far from perfect)

The beautiful sky though reminds me to be thankful that I’m on  a journey and that I’m learning lessons. Those lessons come with pain, but the pain of being broken allows the beauty of healing.

Psalm 30:2

LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.




2 thoughts on “The beauty of pain…

  1. Beautiful. Sunrise and sunsets are truly gifts from God. It’s like God reaches in and shows us – hey – don’t forget I am here. I AM with you. I AM.


  2. Love you Bob. Truly, His light is shining. ( I would like to read a poem that Biz would write)#
    My Poem about…
    cloudy clouds
    No selfies
    J K😎

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