Stepped on

Dis-repped on

Projected pain

Falling rain

On hearts around

Heart Attacks

the circle attracts


Beating fast or slow

with pressure

High or low



to something new



Healing from the Son

Of man I weep

Promises to keep

A heart can heal

A heart that feels

True love again


Happy Valentimes day!

Wow what a journey, I started this about 7 months ago, honestly to get the attention of someone who walked away from my deceits, mistreats, and lies.

Then I thought I was writing for someone out there, some unknown hurt soldier trying to carry on… carry on through the pain. I was right, except that soldier was me. I started writing based on 25 Bible verses sent to me from someone who introduced me to God’s grace, and it was a good thing to because only God has enough grace for me. I gotta give props to the blog that I um… borrowed these from

25 Encouraging Bible Verses for Stress

I went outside the lines a couple times but today is the entry that uses the last verse from her post. Honestly I’m a little afraid to venture out alone, I’m certainly not done with blogging, but I’ll have to find inspiration and a starting point elsewhere (a rose is a rose is a rose?) I’m a little afraid of letting go of what I thought I was writing for also… but then I remember that He who loves me is bigger than any fear and that I can put my trust in him. God bless!

Joshua 1:9  “Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

*yes I know I wrote “valentimes day” it amuses me to mispronounce it   🙂





16 thoughts on “Heart!

  1. I suffered from stress until The Holy Spirit guided me to Bible verses and a few Christian articles on how to deal with toxic people ( the family being the worse offender ) and stubborn people ( again , the family). Having put them into action has removed most of the stress from me.
    Remember: No cupids arrow is as true as Christs cross to find true love.

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  2. Good stuff. I really like your style. Very real and love your humor. Reminds me to keep it light because lately I think of recovery as serious and need to laugh more. Have a great valentimes day. 🙂 I find that amusing too because I just don’t like the occasion. haha.

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  3. If I haven’t said it, thAnk you for your sacrifice. We will always be brothers in arms. Secondly, you have everything in you to write your experiences. Believe in you man. Because what makes you you, makes me me. So you’ve got it. Tap into it and let it fly. No regrets

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