My Version of Humble….




As you may have been relieved to notice I haven’t posted much lately. Nope, not so much as a hacked out haiku about a flippin’ fluffy white cloud, or a prosaic personal story about growth, redemption, or what an ahole I’ve been (or am being)… etc.

For any interested it’s because I’m learning a new skill; web development… Yep as a huge fan of Spider-Man growing up it was bound to happen (see what I did there?). It is so amazing to be a man of a certain age trying to learn something brand new. Frustration and Satisfaction frequently  trade places.

It does remind me though, of my teaching days when I just couldn’t get why a kid just couldn’t get what I was teaching. If only back then I would have been trying to learn something new. You see I’ve never heard teachers gravitating toward a subject he or she hated or even one that didn’t come naturally to us. So, it is easy to forget the frustration and difficulty of learning something new.

But I digress, so you have not been assaulted by my alliteration lately because rather than write poetry or prose I have been writing in languages new and unique; html, css, javascript, js node… and  a few others. (and y’all… there’s no spell check!)

I have, however, still been making time for some quick (if questionable) witticisms on facebook and one theme I began was “Stayin’ Humble.” Where I describe a recent or current success and then back it up with a silly slip, facetious failure, or foolish faux pas (whoa, the alliteration can build up and then come rushing out, if you don’t have an outlet!)

Today one occurred to me that relates exactly to new learning and really any journey and it relates to my Bible app

(which I have meaning to tell y’all about because I love it!) So I decided to take a moment to put some words down and hit the old publish button (was that redundant?) and see what y’all thought.

My hubris to humble (yup) post for today was as follows (or close to as follows)

“Yesterday while redoing some of my old assignments I’m realizing that I’m actually getting pretty good at web development, it’s easy sometimes to get lost in the moment of trying to keep up with all the new learning and then forget to look back to where you started so you can appreciate the journey thus far. It gave me some reassurance to my process. So, I’m feeling pretty good about that, but then today I realized that the Online Bible Study I’ve been doing on vanity for the past 4 days is for women, so Stayin’ Humble (although feeling really beautiful on the inside for some reason).”

So, like I said I thought I was writing about my progress in class, but probably also really writing about my progress in recovery (whoa…. subconscious life learning and reflection… BAM!) In the case of my recovery (and really everywhere else) I don’t have to search for ways to be humble because my real humility comes from knowing that all of the good in my life comes from God, and the knowledge that when I try to work my gifts I mess up, (like accidentally jamming my pinky up my nose while washing my face) but when I get out of God’s way amazing things can happen.

Like the scripture on the ring that I always wear now….


I can do all things through Christ who is my strength. Phillipians 4:15


*The above image is from the youversion bible app, download the app at or from the app store or wherever you android users get stuff for your phones…


14 thoughts on “My Version of Humble….

  1. I say the day you stop learning is the day you start to die.
    Yes there were some times when no matter how simple it was made the children did not catch on. I looked at them like they were brain dead ( and that was one of my best classes so it happens no matter how good or challenging the students are).
    Good for you. Keep at it.

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    • Thanks for the encouragement. At this point in my life I’m directing a GED program in a prison… guys who have given up or been given up on or both… The first battle is convincing them that they could do it if they try, the next part is actually finding new ways to teach adults….

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  2. Just found your blog and after seeing your tagline, I had to take a closer look. By the time I got through your Spider man pun, I knew I was in the write place. It sounds like we might have quite a bit in common. I’m looking forward to following to find out.

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  3. There’s a difference between being self-confident and being arrogant. Trust me, I have problems being the former because I am terrified of becoming the latter :p


  4. Just found your blog and after seeing your tagline, I had to take a closer look. Being proud of yourself for learning a new task is a good thing brother

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