Pain drops dripping down



I always used to think that pain was to be ignored and shoved down and not felt. I can ignore it, I can function well with it squished down into a ball. The side effect is feeling nothing fully, and worse to never learn from my pain.

Pain has a use as a teacher, ouch don’t touch the fire… owe dang! Be careful with the knife. Oh no no no please don’t go! Be careful with her heart.

Move soent eh last three years living with the pains that enter my life, that I’ve pushed upon myself and others and meditation and learning from it. Pain is a part of a beautiful range of emotions and though we don’t have to dwell on it we do need to feel it and try to understand it to keep from re living our mistakes.

4 Incline not my heart to any evil thing, To practise deeds of wickedness With men that work iniquity: And let me not eat of their dainties. (‭Psalms‬ ‭141‬:‭4‬ ASV)

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